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I Just Graduated From 100 Level After Two (2) Years (Part II)



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After my clearance in year 2015, I finally resumed school on 15th of January, 2016. As a fresh starter everything about the university system was somehow strange to me, since there's nothing I can do, i have no other option then to observe the whole system and quickly adapt to their operations.

During the first three (3) weeks of my resumption, leaving the hostel to the lecture studio was really an exciting adventure for me because: Motivation to graduate as best student popup in me afresh again, few acquaintance were turn to friends, my educational dream of becoming a professional accountant is gradually coming into reality on daily basis and most importantly my chances of becoming an  academic coach is now visible to my face.

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Toward my first semester examination something happened in my school that made the entire school to go for three weeks break.

The National Universities Commission ( NUC) passed a law to all those who are offering Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) saying; any student who fails any of these courses the only implication is to Withdraw For Academic Failure. ( WAF) not minding whether you are in final year or not that is non of their business.

However, from my research, this law has being passed by the NUC to all the universities in Nigeria since 2009, but Niger Delta University has refused to put the law into effect not until last year when the pressure was now more on the school.

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And at this time many students where already guilty especially those in engineering faculty. A lot of the final year student where asked to start afrash from 100Level again or else go home and never to return again.

To be continued...


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