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About us

Primebrains.com.ng is the Most Visited Online Platform that Delivers Hot Fresh News, Music, Video, Inspirational articles, Religious articles, News and Technology Content on a daily Basis to Nigerians Home and Abroad and the world at large.

Prime meaning FIRST IN EXCELLENCE and BRAINS which means 2 or more human brains.

Primebrains.com.ng is a Multi-Niche Website created to deliver Accurate, up-to-date, dependable Media materials to the world, utilizing innovative technology, visual documentaries, and blogging technology.

We strive to create a virtual playground focusing on keeping you informed on Music, Videoss, Breaking News, Untold Stories, Social issues, events, Fashion, Gossips and Niger Delta related matters.

Primebrains.com.ng owes allegiance to no political party, ethnic community, religious or other interest group.

To be the Best Online Media platform with the widest reach through innovation backed by excellent delivery, highly motivated human capital and latest technology.

To Impact positively on our readers/Clients and society by providing high quality, reliable and up-to-date media products for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity.

To become the Best Online Portal delivering fresh Nigerian Content to Nigerians home & abroad.. Primebrains covers almost all Facet of Life ranging from Music, Video, Nigerian Entertainment News, Information and Nigerian Education News.


Our mission is guided by key values:
  • We value high quality up-to-date information, research and practice in the field of News, Articles, Advertorials/promotions and brand management.
  • We cultivate and advocate ethical behavior in all aspects of our works.
  • We provide a dynamic and supportive community for all of our readers, embracing the full diversity of our backgrounds and experiences.
  • We respect each of our readers, correspondents and client voices and seek to amplify their ideas.
  • We build cooperative relationships with other news organizations committed to the advancement of news, promotions and brand management.
We strive to inspire, provide information and create solutions that ensure a prosperous and sustainable environment for everyone.

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