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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu might have found himself in trouble after allegedly committing a sacrilege in Anambra state.
IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu
Nri community in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra has threatened to sue Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), for alleged taboo in Nri culture.
Chief Ifeanyi Onyesoh, the Personal Assistant to Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh, the traditional ruler of Nri community, announced the plan to journalists in Awka on Thursday. He said the people were angry over Kanu’s alleged misconduct.
Onyesoh said Kanu with his wife, Uchechi, and supporters visited the palace of Eze Nri on July 19 and a shrine against the tradition of the people.
He noted Nri ancient Kingdom is the cradle of Igbo civilisation, whose culture is revered in the five southeast states of Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Anambra as well as Igbo communities in Delta and Rivers.
Onyesoh said on July 18, a day before Kanu’s visit, 12 young people came to the palace of Eze Nri requesting for an appointment with the traditional ruler for Kanu.

“I was the person that received them and so I told them to go and come back with a written letter so that they will get an official reply from the palace since the delegation looked unusual, in that there was no titled person among them.

“At this point, they all left and what we saw the next day was Kanu visiting Nri community with a huge crowd of his supporters.
He (Kanu) went straight to the house of one Chief Shadrack Mbanefo, a subject to the traditional ruler of Nri.
“The feelers we later got, was that the said Mbanefo claimed he handed over the `Offo Nri ’, (symbol of royalty) to Kanu, and even allowed Kanu to visit the historic “Ohianwehi forest” revered as “forest of life” by Igbo tradition.

“This forest is believed to be the place the first burnt offering was offered by the Jewish Igbo ancestors when they migrated from Israel more than 2,000 years ago,’’ he said.
Onyesoh said Nri people considered Kanu’s conduct as a taboo because no high profile visitor entered the community without first visiting the traditional ruler let alone a sacred place without the knowledge of the ruler.
He expressed regret that Kanu and his supporters after visiting Mbanefo returned to the entrance gate of the palace and tried to force it open.

“It was this unruly conduct that made the traditional ruler to telephone the security agents who responded promptly and dispersed Kanu and his supporters.’’
Onyesoh said the people regarded Kanu’s action as an affront to their values and so resolved not to sweep the matter under the carpet.
“It is a taboo in Nri and equally against the Anambra State Traditional Rulers’ Council Law for a high profile visitor to visit a community without first paying homage to the traditional ruler.

“The people of Nri and her traditional ruler are not against Nnamdi Kanu and his agitation/aspiration but what we cannot take is for Kanu to come and mess up the Nri culture and tradition under whatever motive.

“The community will drag him to customary court to ensure that nobody else gives such insult to the community and its heritage,’’ he said.
Reminded that Kanu visited Nri to receive `Offo Nri title’ like the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and MASSOB leader Chief Ralph Uwazuruike both Biafra agitators, Onyesoh said “if Kanu wants a title, Eze Nri is not aware of such aspiration.

“If Kanu indeed met with anybody and claimed he was given `Offo Nri’, it means he is seeking the title through the back door and for the title he claimed was given to him by `Adama’ (Mbanefo ), a servant to Eze Nri, is a nullity.

“My advice to Kanu is for him to first step up actions to amend his ways to synchronise with the values and culture of Igbo people which he is stampeding in the name of agitation.

“Nri is the ancestral home of all Igbo people and for him to visit Nri in the manner he did means he has no knowledge of Igbo tradition and culture.

“So, he must first study Igbo tradition and culture and properly be advised before he misleads himself.’’

Emerging reports have it that Brazilian playmaker, Coutinho might be departing the English Premier league in a sensational switch to Spain.
Philippe Coutinho
Barcelona are expected to make an improved offer for Philippe Coutinho to Liverpool after the Brazillian reportedly agreed personal terms with the Spanish giants.
According to reports in Spain, the Catalans, who had an intial £72m bid rejected, will test Reds manager Jurgen Klopp’s resolve to keep the 25-year-old with an improved offer that could be as much as £89.5m.
With PSG hovering around Barcelona’s forward, Neymar, bringing Coutinho to the Nou Camp may persuade him to stay.
However, Coutinho to Nou Camp may not be easy picking for Barca as he only signed a new contract with Liverpool to 2022 back in January.

Weeks after they were confirmed by the Senate, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has administered oath of office to Stephen Ocheni and Suleiman Hassan as ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Speaking after the inauguration of the two new ministers on Wednesday, the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, told the two newly swore-in ministers that they will have no time to celebrate their joining the federal cabinet as they need to commence work immediately.
According to Premium Times, in a brief remark after swearing them in, Osinbajo said their portfolio will be announced shortly, adding, “from this moment they will join the federal executive council and will sit in our meeting this morning. So Prof and Alhaji you will not have time to celebrate much this morning. You will have full meeting today”.
The acting president said the Federal Executive Council is committed to the far-reaching reform programme of the Buhari administration.
“That reform programme is contained in our Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. We have focused our attention on key areas of that economic recovery plan and we believe these key areas are things that need to be done to make a difference in the Nigerian economy and in the lives of Nigerians.
“Time and time again we have continued to emphasise the need for ministers to pay particular attention to all the areas that we have highlighted in the economic plan.
“President Muhammadu Buhari decided to task ministers with specific functions and so we expect our new ministers to be part of this herculean task in turning around the Nigerian economy and making live better for the citizens,” he said.
Osinbajo also told the new ministers that apart from the economy, the administration also focuses on two key areas highlighted by the president during the course of the campaigns, which “have become center pieces of our administration Programme – security and the anti-corruption fight”.
“We expect that members of the federal executive council will focus on these key areas as well. We have of course made tremendous progress in security, we have issues and challenges here and there, but these, compared to where we are coming from, are very minor indeed and we are tackling them on a day by day basis,” he said.
On the anti-corruption fight, Osinbajo said all government appointees should by their actions support the fight.
He charged them to show exemplary conducts so that “we will show by practice not just by words that we are determined to ensure that this country is run by a good government. And where there is honesty and integrity, service will be delivered.”
“Even as I welcome you to this cabinet, I congratulate friends and family who are here and I can only say going by your antecedents as contained in your resume read out, it is evident that you are deserving of positions held in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that you are capable of rendering all the task that will given to you.
“The only reward is more hard work and I wish you the best as ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Imo State Governor, has said that he would be contesting the 2019 presidential election should President Muhammadu Buhari decline to seek re-election.
Gov. Rochas Okorocha
Speaking while addressing a youth delegates from all the geo-political zones in the country, who paid him a courtesy visit in Owerri on Tuesday, the Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, revealed that he would be contesting the 2019 presidential election.
Governor Okorocha who made revelation at the Imo State capital, gave two conditions; if President Muhammadu Buhari declines to seek a re-election and if 10 million Nigerians endorse him.
The Imo state governor also said that, as a child, the north gave him education and secured his future. He said he was born of Igbo patronage, raised by the north and empowered by the west, hence, he needed nothing more than to be a detribalised Nigerian.
The influential poliician and chairman of APC Governors Forum, also said that he is in politics not for personal aggrandisement but for the sheer glory of it and for the reason that he came to serve selflessly.
He said; “I will not run in 2019 if President Muhammadu Buhari will be running. Even at that, I will not also run at any given time unless 10 million Nigerians endorse me.

“May I remind all of you that my joy this evening has no bounds for the singular fact that the Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, northern minorities, western and eastern minorities, Muslims and Christians and others can sit down in a roundtable and speak like members of one family. If only for this, my mission for this nation is today achieved.

“I am an Igbo man with Igbo parentage. I was born and raised in the north. The north gave me education, guaranteed my childhood, even when I was not worthy to be called anybody in this world.

“I did all my schooling— primary, secondary and tertiary— in the northern part of this country. I finished and needed to be successful and wealthy. My encounter with someone from the South-West gave me the financial empowerment.

“So you can see that in my person, I have no choice whatsoever but to be a detribalized Nigerian, having been born of Igbo parentage, raised up by the North and empowered by the West. Nigeria remains my constituency.

“Most of you may not know that I am not in politics for self-aggrandizement or as a means to seek livelihood. I am in this job for the glory of the job, not for the profit and for the honour of this job, not for the wealth in it.

“I believe that one day it will become a manifest truth that somebody somewhere really cared for this nation.

“In my quiet time have I gone through lamentations, thinking about our nation and particularly. So is the youth of Nigeria, believe me, if our youths are not alright, our nation can never be alright.”

Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke
Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke
More details of the massive fraud reportedly perpetrated by the immediate past Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke has been made public by the American government.

The United States of America has given the details of how a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, allegedly laundered about $144m, using part of the funds to purchase a yacht, landed properties, furniture and artworks.
According to the US, while she held sway as the Nigerian petroleum minister, Diezani, who was otherwise known as “the Madam” or “Madam D,” led “a lavish and privileged lifestyle,” spending “more than one million dollars on furniture, artwork, and other furnishings purchased within the Southern District of Texas, and shipped, in part, to London and Abuja, Nigeria.”
These were contained in a 91-page “verified complaint” filed by the US Government before the US District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, where it is seeking an order to forfeit funds and assets worth $144m linked to Diezani.
The US, in the “verified complaint” signed by a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Elizabeth Crispino, said Diezani allegedly acquired the assets with kickbacks from “an international conspiracy to obtain lucrative business opportunities in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.”
The assets, the US stated, were acquired between April 2010 and May 2015 when Diezani was “overseeing Nigeria’s state-owned oil company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.”
Among the properties, which the US now seeks to be forfeited, are a 65-metre motor yacht, named M/Y Galactica Star; two properties known as 807 and 815 Cima Del Mundo Road, Montecito, Calif; as well as funds in a couple of companies.
The US stated that Diezani, with the help of and in conspiracy with two Nigerian businessmen, Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Olajide Omokore, “laundered the proceeds of the illicit business opportunities into and through the United States.”
In the court processes obtained by a Punch correspondent on Tuesday, the US detailed, using tables, the “living and lifestyle expenses for Alison-Madueke.”
One table, tagged, ‘Rental Payments,’ showed how Aluko and his company, Tracon Investments Limited, helped Diezani to make a total of at least £537,922 in rental payments for two central London residences both located at 22 St. Edmunds Terrace, London NW8 7QQ, where Diezani and her mother stayed between August 2011 and January 2014.
Another table, tagged, ‘Transportation Services’, showed how Aluko and his beneficially-owned company, TENKA, helped Diezani to make at least £393,274.32 in payments to a car hire company, the “Chauffeur Company”, while Omokore and his own company, Energy Property Development Ltd., also paid at least £4,424.40 to the “Chauffeur Company” to convey Diezani and her family about the UK between December 2012 through at least July 2014.
The FBI agent, Crispino, stated, “Upon information and belief, the above payments were made corruptly by, on behalf of, or at the direction of Aluko and Omokore for the benefit of Alison-Madueke and/or her family, in return for Alison-Madueke’s having improperly influenced the award of the Forcados SAAs to AEDC and in anticipation of or in return for her improperly influencing the award of the Brass SAA.
“In particular, the director of the Chauffeur Company has stated that in or around June 2014, he was assaulted in the hallway outside of Alison-Madueke’s known residence at Flat 19, 22 St. Edmunds Terrace, London NW8 7QQ, by two men known by the director to be Alison-Madueke’s associates.

“This assault occurred as the director of the Chauffeur Company was attempting to deliver a letter concerning approximately £224,000 in unpaid services provided by his company to Alison-Madueke.

“The director of the Chauffeur Company has further stated that, upon hearing the commotion, Alison-Madueke herself appeared and instructed her associates to settle the unpaid bill.

“As the preceding table indicates, roughly one month after the hallway assault, TENKA paid a total of £135,361.48 to the Chauffeur Company.”
Crispino said Diezani’s assets were liable to being forfeited “under 18 U.S.C. § § 981(a)(1)(A) and 981(a)(1)(C),” as they were “derived from, or traceable to the proceeds of ‘specified unlawful activity,’ as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7), or a conspiracy to commit ‘specified unlawful activity,’ and as property involved in money laundering violations of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956 and 1957.”
Crispino stated that “Section 1956(a)(2) prohibits transferring funds known to be the proceeds of unlawful activity from a place outside the United States to a place in the United States, with knowledge that the transfer is designed in whole or in part to conceal the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the proceeds of a specified unlawful activity, including the proceeds of an offense against a foreign nation involving ‘bribery of a public official, or the misappropriation, theft, or embezzlement of public funds by or for the benefit of a public official.”

A fake prophetess has found herself in serious trouble after defrauding a woman of N600,000, only for her prophecy to fail.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A 38-year fake prophetess, Mrs Patience Adams has been arrested and charged before a Lagos court for allegedly defrauding a greedy woman to the tune of N600,000 using prophecy of better husband and good money, PM Express has revealed.
It was gathered that the incident happened at Arida area of Idimu in Alimosho Local government Area of Lagos. The victim identified as 28-year old Cynthia Frank was defrauded after Adams reportedly met her and gave her some revelations about her life that seemed to be real in  the form of prophecy.
Adams had promised Frank that she’ll get two major blessings after she must have delivered her from demonic influence that was obstructing her progress. One of such promises was to make her rich by ensuring she multiplied all her money and the second was to get her a good husband that will take care of her.
She reportedly asked the victim to bring all her money and after the deliverance and blessing, she will multiply the money and she will take it home. However, the music changed after the victim went and borrowed money including her own money and handed it over to Adams and was told when she will come for the prayer and blessing.
On the day they agreed, the victim went there but did not find Adams as she was told by neighbours that she never lived in the area.
It was then it became clear to her she had been duped. She went and reported the incident at Idimu Police division who trailed Adams and eventually arrested her.
Adams was charged before Ejigbo Magistrates court for obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the Criminal Code.
She pleaded not guilty.
The presiding Magistrate, Mrs J.O.E. Adeyemi granted her bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum. She was remanded in prison custody pending when she will perfect her bail. The matter was adjourned till 21 August 2017.news

Nigerian actress former contestant on Big Brother Naija, Ese Eriata, has opened up acting n*ked and making love if she gets the role in Nollywood films.
Ese Eriata
While speaking in an exclusive interview with TheCable Lifestyle, former fake housemate of the 2017 Big Brother Naija, Ese Eriata, disclosed that she cannot accept a role that will require her to display nudity, regardless of the amount of money she’s offered.
The actress and singer said the only compromise she can embrace if handed a s*x scene role is to “make out under the blanket”.
She said; “I can’t go nude on TV, not even for the money. I don’t see myself doing that. I could kiss in a movie and make out under the blanket but no skin. I’d never want to do that kind of role but generally, if you give me any script, I can work with it.”
Ese also revealed that prior to her two-week stint as a fake housemate on Big Brother Naija, she had been working hard to get a break into the film industry, adding that since the reality show ended, opportunities have been coming her way aplenty.
She said: “I’ve been trying to get into the industry for a while but Big Brother gave me a platform and it was amazing. After Big Brother, I’ve been doing a lot; movies, music, comedy, modelling.

“It’s a lot of things but it is something I love to do and I’m happy that I have time for all of them. They say take one step at a time, you have to walk before you run and that is exactly what I am doing.”
The actress, who recently released a new single, says she hopes to collaborate with the likes of singer, Davido and rapper, Olamide.

“I look forward to working with a lot of actors because we have amazing ones in this industry and I hope to work with as many as I can. As for music, I’d love to work with Davido, Olamide and a lot of other artistes,” Ese said.

“Fans should expect more of everything from me, I released my song and the video is now on TV. I have wrapped on a movie set and I’m about to start another one so you can see, no resting or sleeping.”
The former billboard model said she has her hands in many soups because “we have to hustle and remain relevant in the [entertainment] industry”.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina has said the Presidency doesn't have an idea when Buhari will return to Nigeria.

Even after meeting Acting President Yemi Osinbajo and later some All Progressives Congress chieftains in London, the Presidency has revealed it doesn't know when President Muhammadu Buhari will return.

According to a report by Punch, no date had yet been fixed for the President’s return. The report further stated that although the President’s health had improved tremendously, his return date was still in the hands of his doctors.

“The President made it clear in his letter to the National Assembly that the duration of his stay in London would be determined by his doctor . That has not changed . He must get a clean bill of health before he returns,” one of the
sources said.

Confirming this in an interview with Punch, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity , Mr. Femi Adesina when asked to say specifically when Buhari was due back in the country in view of the latest development, Adesina said , “I am not a doctor and even if I am, it is clear that I am not part of the team that is attending to the President .
“His date of return will be decided by that medical team .”

Adesina also further noted that Sunday meeting was just one among other meetings Buhari would have with individuals before returning to the country.

He said, “More meetings are coming; there will be broader ones . That Sunday meeting was just the beginning.”

The presidential spokesman added that the Presidency was not in any way disturbed by the two cases instituted in court seeking to compel the Federal Executive Council to declare Buhari incapacitated and asking Senate President Bukola Saraki to constitute a medical panel on Buhari's health condition.

“We are in a democracy; it is their (plaintiffs’) right . The court will determine the case on its merit, ”Adesina said .

As many as three persons have been charged to court for alleged conspiracy and murder of a motorcyclist, Cyprian Kumaorun, during the recent crisis in Idumuje-Ugboko, Aniocha North Local
Government Area of Delta State, The Sun News reports.

The trio, Ochei Nnamdi, 31, Wilfred Oyono, 68, and Ofonye Ufoh, 58, were accused of killing the deceased on May 24, 2017 at Idumuje-Ugboko community in the state.

In a two-count charge number M1/44c/2017 preferred against the accused, it says they allegedly committed felony contrary to section 324 of the Criminal Code Cap C21 Volume 1 laws of Delta State of Nigeria 2006.

The charges also read that they unlawfully killed the victim by shooting him with a gun and thereby committed an offense contrary to Section 316(1) punishable under Section 319 of the Criminal Code Cap C21 Volume 1 laws of Delta State of Nigeria 2006.

After the charges were read to them, no plea was taken and the trial Chief Magistrate, Mr.Vincent Okonta, explained that the plea was not taken because the court lacked jurisdiction to try the case.

He ordered that the case file should be duplicated and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice and adjourned the case to August 8, 2017.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Kenya on Monday night failed to show up for a debate, leaving opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga to fielded questions alone on stage.

Odinga, who is the flagbearer for the National Super Alliance coalition, said his top priorities if elected in the Aug. 8 general election would be to lower food prices and rent.

He also promised to tackle youth unemployment.

“First is the issue of putting food on the table, reducing the cost of living for the people. This is our priority number one.

“We address the issues of flour, so that we can lower the prices of maize flour, sugar,” he said.

He said to lower rent he would enforce the existing rent restrictions act. “This law is meant to protect the poor from exploitation by the landlords,” Odinga said.

The office of Kenyatta, who is running for a second and final five-year term in office, gave no explanation for his absence. On Sunday, he answered questions online and pledged to create 6.5 million jobs in the next five years if elected.

Odinga said his administration would continue to invest in infrastructure, education and training, small businesses and a high-tech economy.

Kenyans are also due to choose on Aug. 8 legislators and local representatives for the first time since 2013, when the elections passed peacefully after the opposition challenged the results in court.

The presidential television debate is the second ever held in the country after a similar one in 2013. A separate debate was held earlier in the evening among three other candidates and three more who did not show up. The debate organisers said the earlier debate was for candidates who polled 5 percent or less in two national opinion polls.

According to polling firm IPSOS, Kenyatta and Odinga are likely to take about 90 per cent of the vote, while none of the six independent presidential candidates is polling above one per cent.

Opinion polls show the gap between Odinga and Kenyatta has closed.

Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party has also promised to provide free, quality primary healthcare for all Kenyans; free secondary education; affordable housing and connect every citizen to the electricity grid by 2020.

The opposition coalition National Super Alliance manifesto also promises to reform the public sector, set up a universal health service fund and tackle corruption.



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