10 Signs OF A Useless Girlfriend [A MUST READ]

The content of this work is not that derogatory as you may think, rather it is instructive, informative and educative. You can actually learn and have a change of attitude or lifestyle by reading and engaging in it.

When your girlfriend litters your whole  apartment with clothes or plates, you can actually attribute her behaviour to the kind of home upbringing she received and possibly tolerate her, but when things move from tolerable behaviour to that of an incorrigible one then, you really need to have a rethink.

Let me blow your mind by saying that most broken relationships are influenced by one party's opinion born out of the feeling that he or she is being cheated or maltreated to something more explosive: bad attitude. It is better to jaw jaw than to war war. A stitch in time saves nine. And that's why you must learn from this. On this post, I would love to draw your attention to 10 signs of a bad friend girlfriend.

10. Manipulative Behaviour: One of the signs of a useless girlfriend is that she makes every attempt to twist situationy to her own advantage. She tell lies or fabricate stories for more self benefits.

9. Hatred for your family and loved one: Charity they say begins at home. A good woman will accept your family and live together with them as one. But, if she hates them and avoid meeting them, it is a bad sign.

8. Your friends dislike her: This a bad sign because there must be a reason as to why your friends hates her.

7. She is bossy: Love natural flows out of a man when a woman submit and remain loyal. But, if she is domineering, it is a sign that she is a bad person.

6. Lack of tolerance: Nobody living upon the face of the earth is good or perfect. If she can' tolerate your weaknesses then, you must think twice.

5. She is selfish: Selfish people are only after their own wellbeing, not minding how the next person will feel. If she is selfish, refrain.

4. She is a flippant: If she takes your instructions for granted, it means she can't make a good wife.

3. She makes excessive demands: Learning to live within the limit of your income is a sure way out of debts and frustration. If your girlfriend demands are such that will make you do something crazy, please have a rethink.

2. She try to Influence you negatively: There's this saying that, if you can't change your friends, your friends will change you. Some men have being brainwashed by their wives so, they stop supporting their parents and siblings. That's is bad. If she try to influence negatively, don't continue with the relationship.

1. She cheats: This is the worst experience anyone can have. If your girlfriend is not faithful to you, please desist from her because, there's a tendency that she will still cheat on your matrimonial home.

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