Life and Relationship Coach Profit Eneh Shares What Love Is All About


Life and Relationship Coach Profit Eneh shares his own view of what love is all about. 

According to the life coach he described love as what you can do for your spouse and not what your spouse can do for you. He titled the post "This is Love" , see post below:

This is love.

What can i do for him/her to make him/her happy?

How do I make him/her become great?

How to I support his/her business?

What gift can I give to him/her?

Where can I take him/her to, just for the weekend to relax?

This is not love. 

What can i get from him/her to make me happy?

How do I use him/her to become great?

How do I get him/her to put all his/her money to make my business work?

My money is my money and him/her is our money?

Where can he/she take me to, just for the weekend to relax?

If you are focused on what you can get in a relationship than what you can give then you don't even know the smallest meaning of what love is. 

Love, the true definition of love focuses on what to give than what to get. 

There is no way, I repeat no way, you and your partner will be focused on how to give your best to each other and that relationship or marriage fails. 

The reason most marriages are failing today is because of two selfish people or one selfish person focused on what to get rather than what to give. Focused on manipulating the other person and just be at the receiving end. 

I hope you learn a get lesson from this. 


Life and Relationship Coach 
Profit Eneh.

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