Male And Female Giant Pythons Who Were Mating In A Bush Was Killed By Hungry Villagers. See Photos

A massive 20 foot female python and the tiny male it was mating with were killed by hungry villagers who chopped up the creatures and cooked them in a stir fry.

Locals on the Malaysian island of Borneo found the pair inside a fallen tree while they were on a hunting trip last Saturday.

As they passed, the group heard strange noises coming from inside the dried out hollow log.

Using a chainsaw they cut through the bark and were thrilled to see the romping reptiles – which are considered a delicacy in the remote Sarawak region…

Several men dragged the beasts out before they were shot and hauled on to a truck. Later they were served up to hungry townsfolk.

Prepared according to local custom, python is grilled over a fire or fried in a pan with vegetables then eaten with rice.

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