Davido Did No Wrong, Tagbo was a Grown Man - Jude Okoye Drums Support for Singer

As media reactions and criticisms continue to trail Davido over the death of his close pal, Tagbo Umeike, Jude Okoye of Psquare has drummed support for the singer.

The elder brother to the Psquare brothers, Jude Okoye, has defended Nigerian singer, Davido who is embroiled in an alleged murder case.
The pop group's former manager, Jude in his snapchat post, said Davido did no wrong giving instructions to his escort to get a grown intoxicated man medical help.
Recall Lagos State Police Commissioner on wednesday, said Tagbo Umeike died from Asynxeria and was taken to the hospital in one of Davido’s cars under his instructions.
Amidst all the media brouhaha and criticisms trailing the singer, Jude however encouraged Davido to stay strong despite all odds.
He wrote; “All they can do is try but they can’t stop you always stay strong with God.
“Their operation bring him down by all means will backfire soonest.
”His crime now is giving instruction to get a grown intoxicated man medical help.” 

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