Get People To Pay For Your Value As A Student - By Seiminiyifa Franklin


Do you really believe that a student can make a living doing anything they love to do while in school?

I looked right into the earnest, dubious face of this question and gave an honest answer, “Yes, I do.” Of course, we’d love to believe that it’s not that easy, or at least not that simple. But believe me sir, there's nothing that's impossible to a student who really understand the blueprint of how he can get people to pay for his value.

There is another simple principle behind my confidence that yes,  a student can make a living doing anything. Whether you love it or not, but if you don’t love it what’s the point of doing that thing?

Here's that principle;

"You are paid for the impact you have in the educational sector"

If you can do what you love in a way that inspires, entertains, educates, illuminates, improves lives or otherwise impacts one or more people, and you put the foundation of a good business model with that activity, you can get paid as a student.

If you can impact enough people, or impact one person deeply enough, and have a really solid business model you can get paid a lot.

What do you really love doing as a student?

Quite often it isn’t that "Petty Things" you’re selling or the activity you’re doing, it’s something deeper than that.

How will you discover a way to make a living doing what you love if you haven’t examined what that really is? Or maybe you know what you love. But you haven’t figured out how it impacts the lives of others.

Maybe you love to create art—painting, writing, music, or chalk drawings. Or perhaps you love to: dance, sing, teach and even talk ( gossip). But your biggest challenge since your discovery is, how what you love can impacts others you don't know.

Listen to this;

"What soever you  love doing is your personal business , but if it doesn’t impact someone else no one will pay you to provide it"

Dr.Impact GVU, AMB.Young Anyanwu, Ezeigwe Juliet Chioma and Prince Ogaga Wowo are examples of individuals who're busy impacting lives with their personal business.

The key to going from love to living is focus on people.

Too many students spend their time and energy focused on what they love and trying to convince other people to love it too.

Those students who focus on people— learning their desires, fears, habits and beliefs, learning how they think and what they respond to—also learn how they can impact people by  doing what they love.

Those are the students who make a living, and a lifestyle, out of doing it.


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