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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Gospel Artists, Musicians, The Opposite S*x and Konji Matters

By Tommy Tush

Well, someone has to write this. And I guess that's me. This post is not judgmental. I'm not writing to say I'm perfect and everyone is not.. I'm writing because its a Ministry and because I walk the walk and I understand how the road feels.

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If you're doing music and you're an artist and the opposite s*x have never been attracted to you or hovering over you like a bee, then that means you're not good at what you do.. Music attracts. 

The anointing attracts. Once you're good you will attract all sorts of people. As a guy, whether you're an instrumentalist or singer, ladies will flock on you. As a lady even if you're married, once you're a great singer, your DM will suddenly become slippery as men will slide in. They will ask for selfies. Its just how music operates.

That's why every Artist and Musician must have self control. If you have issues with keeping yourself s*xually, music will complicate your matter. If you don't know how to manage your emotions and you get into music or join a Choir, kasala go burst. For my non-Nigerian readers, Kasala is a street colloquial term for trouble, extreme trouble. 

Every person of the opposite s*x who comes around isn't for you to woo, or be romantic with. These days its becoming difficult to stay platonic. Must we always cross the line? A lady says she loves your voice and pays you compliments and suddenly you start catching feelings.. Ahn now, is that how you used to do? Somebody cannot play with you? Learn to know when to draw the lines. 

Ladies and gentlemen don't give to much attention to a person if you know you have no intention. Especially for ladies. Once you start giving a lady attention she may start responding and emotions can be a wild beast. 

Guys stop pestering ladies in your band for s*x. Stop going for Private hang outs. Stop the secret smooching. Body no be wood I know. We have needs, I know. But what's wrong is wrong. We all feel like. Its natural. But there is a way things ought to be done. 

Get yourself a wife then you can do and undo. Until then, subject your body to the Holy Spirit. Stay busy so you don't have time for mishinmishin. Don't stay around people or things that will constantly arouse you. If there's a guy you are dying for, don't stay alone in the room with him in the name of scoring songs. 

You know you won't score anything. You'll be hear him snoring not scoring on you.
Play with your band members.

But don't play them. I'm free with my members. I can play I can laugh. I can pull their hairs.. I can buy gifts. I accept gifts. I can chat with them. I can even buy you lunch. Its all good. But you and I know when the handshake starts going past the elbow. Set some boundaries... 

You can't be sharing nudes with a choir member. You can't be discussing your bedroom experience between you and your spouse with a band member. You can't be asking them how they like it. What are you trying to achieve..

Mr MD, I hope all these ladies you are allowing to lead worship and special songs is not for s*xual favors. Stop it. Be sensitive. If any lady comes around you with a negative agenda, flee. Don't speak in tongues. 

Konji no dey hear word. Fleeeeeee.

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