OMG!!! Female NDU Student Urinates On Her Trouser In Public (Photos)

A third-year female student of the Niger Delta university, NDU was on Monday left in embarrassment after she urinated on herself in public.

The incident reportedly occurred in Amassoma where they university is situated at.

The student who later spoke on condition of anonymity, however, revealed that the incident was as a result of a health condition as she is suffering from urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is a rare condition witnessed in women that are caused by weak and overactive bladder muscles. Women suffering from this condition experience sudden urge to urinate and do not have control over their bladder.

“I was coming out of the bus with my friends. I had initially felt the urge to pee during the journey but I decided to hold on to it thinking I would manage. After we arrived Amassoma , I walked faster to try and access the washroom but it happened before I could,” the lady narrated.

A comrade they were together and who is aware of the condition helped to cover her up although several students had already noticed.

The student revealed that she has been living with the condition for almost a year now. She had tried to seek psychological help but she was told it would take time before she could get over the problem.

“The counsellor told me it might take time to get over it, but meanwhile I should avoid drinking lots of fluid especially when going out. Currently, I am attending counselling sessions,” she stated.

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