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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How To Do Pregnancy Test By Yourself Using Salt

Today am going to be teaching all women out there on "How To Do Home made Pregnancy Test By Yourself Using Salt"

Apart from using salt to cook as a lady, do you know you can use salt to test if you are pregnant or not?

Amazing right?

Home made pregnancy test using salt has less cost and can be done easily. Now how to do this pregnancy test using salt.

Like I said earlier,  Do not worry about the cost and materials. Homemade tests use only the stuff available easily at your home.

But I'll only talk about Homemade Pregnancy test with SALT:

Salt pregnancy test is considered the most effective and the easiest method of testing pregnancy by pregnant women.

Homemade Pregnancy test with salt can be done by this simple method below:

1. Take a neat and clean plastic or small glass container.

2. Collect the fresh sample of first urine in the morning.

3. Add a pinch or two of salt to it.

4. Check if urine forms creamy white substance like milk cheese.

5. Milk Cheese like substance confirms pregnancy.

6. If the urine is plain and no creamy substance in the sample, it means you are not pregnant.

Hope now you can easily do your pregnancy test at home using just your normal table salt.

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