Bayelsa Indigenous Gospel artiste and song writer Frank Siri has dropped another track titled “Mugba” off his album “Amazing Friend“. 

Mugba by Frank Siri is a soul worship song that has blessed so many lives and still counting.

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Lyrics: Mugba By Frank Siri  

Ha.. ha… Ha..

Solo 1
His the word of God
The son of God
He rules in heavens
And on earth
There is no king like him repeat

Curious mugba mugba mugba
Mugba mugba mugba ey 4

Solo 2
How great thou signs
And mighty his wonders
It is you, who divided the red Sea
You breathing into me
Your breath of life
Then I become a living soul
Men Can never understand your way
That is who you are unpredictable

Reign o reign o
Reign o reign o
Reign o my king

Curious mugba mugba mugba
Mugba mugba mugba 4 repeat

Twenty four elders bow
Before him
Holy holy God almighty
Casting down there crones of glod
Worthy is the lamp of God
Worthy is the lamp
May you reign forever

Kuro mo se nana dau
Ebi mi-en dein dau
E toru bo faa…ee

I am that, I am God
Great and mighty God o
You seated in heaven
Makes the earth your footstool reign o
Reign o