Here Is Why The Church Is Becoming A Business Gradually In Nigeria & The World At Large - Fadah Oyinkuro Michael

The church is gradually turning to a business in our 21st century , it never used to be this back in the days. 

Nowadays the whole Bible and essence of the church is being changed brining in cultural , superstitious ,  personal philosophy and strange doctrines into the church.

Pastors don't preach the true gospel again, they now follow the pleasure of life, I am not saying it's a sin to feel among but most sermons preached in the church today are to manipulate people's mind and take from the poor masses. 

The church is now a business no wonder the federal Government now says all church should be registered as a business,  I haven't heard that mosque are being registered as businesses. But here is the federal government threatening to shut down churches who are not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Where have we gone wrong ?

I have carefully compiled why the church is becoming a business. Please pastors , church members read very well, if you noticed any of this in your spiritual leader please run for your life.

Here Is Why The Church Is Becoming A Business Gradually In Nigeria & The World At Large.

1) Pastors function like CEOs

2) Members are turned into customers

3) Other churches are seen as competitors

4) Evangelism is reduced to marketing

5) Church planting looks more like franchising

6) Numbers are primary measure of success

7) Prayer and Word study are replaced by formulas

8) Revival is reduced to a few days fundraising program

9) Preaching sounds more like motivational speech.
All the people do is shout "I receive, Amen," throughout the concert. I mean the "service".

10) Praise and Worship is turned into a performance. The best actors are made the worship and praise leaders.

11) The Spirit of God is reduced to "emotionalism".
No real power of God other than hypnosis and sensationalism.

12) The saints are entertained instead of equipped

13) Disciples of Christ have become papa's sons, daughters and fans.

14) The Church, a living Body has now become a lifeless body

15) A leader's empire is built instead of the Kingdom of God advanced

16) The pastor becomes a figurehead, super man and Jesus Christ reduced to just another religious figure.

Does any one of these sound familiar in this generation? Beloved we need to cry for revival and restoration of God's glory. 

All I have highlighted above is exactly what made Jesus himself to ask: "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith in the Earth?" (Luke 18.8) AMEN!!!


As Editted by Fadah Oyinkuro Michael  
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