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Monday, December 09, 2019

Lady Write a Letter to her late parents after Graduating for the university.


A proud Nigeria Lady Name Eradiri Gbanamo residing in Bayelsa State, a successful graduate from the prestigious University of Niger Delta University  (NDU) went emotionally online and wrote a letter to her Late parents.

She wrote:

Letter to my late parents

Dad I was only 7 when you told me "my daughter I can't continue I have to go, be strong and make me proud" 
I miss eating with you, I miss sleeping on your bed anytime I'm sick, I miss you, I can't forget that day I cried to your room, you jumped out of your bed and asked me "who beat you"? I told you and you used bamboo stick to chase the person round d compound just to put a smile on my face.
My greatest wish everyday is to have you back.

Mum my heart still bleeds. I have passed through alot, I have cried countless times, I wish I can talk to you.
You will always tell me my daughter make sure you go to school and make me proud, always read your books and don't joke with your studies.
And I promised not to let you down.
I finished my secondary school, wrote my waec and made it. I told you don't worry I will gain admission into the university and make you proud. I wrote my jamb made it and showed it to you and you were very happy.
Few months later you fell sick. 7th of September 2014 you bid us goodbye. I cried my eyes out. I couldn't question God. But I asked myself how can I move on without my mother? Where will I start from? Who will be my confider? I'm just 19yrs old, I'm just a little girl why will mum do this to us? Who will take care of my siblings? I couldn't stop asking myself these questions.
One week after your demise I got a text message from Niger Delta University. I opened it and behold I just gained admission to study Medical Biochemistry. I jumped up, I shouted for joy. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I went upstairs panting opened your room, was so excited n wanted to tell you I just gained admission. You weren't there mum, then I remembered you had left us. I started crying again, I was confused. Should I accept this admission? Why will they send me this a week after mum left us? There and then I got d answers to my questions "I will make you proud mum" I remembered my promise to you. 
Matriculation day came my friends were very happy, parents came with items just to share in their joy. I looked around I couldn't find my mum nor my dad, with tears in my eyes I said to myself it is well with me. 100level came it wasn't easy but I pulled through with God on my side. 200L, 300L and 400L, it was tiring I almost gave up but my promise to you kept me going. Guess what mum. Guess what dad. I'm now a certified medical biochemist. I am serving my fatherland already in Abia state and I am the general parade commander. I have fulfilled my promise and I know you are proud of your daughter. 
I love you both
I miss you so much
Continue resting
From your daughter
Eradiri GbanamoGbanamo

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