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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tonto Dikeh Has Been Accused Of Sleeping With Pastors And Eating Faeces In Dubai

Last year, there was a rumor making the rounds that some celebrities were travelling to Dubai to participate in a nasty act called Coprophalia. But it was just a rumor that had no specific name attached to it. Social media users could only make speculations.
Today, popular blogger and journalist, Stella Dimoko Korkus share a series of post on Instagram accusing Tonto Dikeh of participating in cropophalia in Dubia.
It should be recalled that Tonto Dikeh and her best friend, Bobrisky recently came back from a Dubai trip that went viral. This recent trip is not the only one they have gone on together.
Asides from being accused of participating in the coprophilia fetish, Tonto Dikeh was also accused of displaying empty designer shopping bags to deceive her followers that she was living the ‘good life’

Read what Stella Dimikokurs wrote on her Instagram page @officialstelladimokokorkus below:
“I just knew they would go there. Old news. So what if I am jealous of Linda? At least the jealousy helped me focus to become a success at what I do. I am better than you going around asking how people got money to build their houses. I am better than you running your mouth on how TM is sleeping around and you are better than her. So I am jealous of Linda, what else? The jealousy was positive and I don’t need any confused gender paying my rent or shop for me in Dubai. I hear you are fighting over ten celebs inbox right now. So why am I replying you? Madness get level. Next shot.
“Tonto Post receipts already please. That’s your day job. Recording all your conversations with your friends and saving chats to call them out with later. That’s why nobody replies your call out. If you have more so do I but one thing you won’t accuse me of is going around to sleep with pastors and collecting offering money to do slay queen on Instagram. I don’t fucking care what you post. Please go ahead. Churchill I am sorry I ever doubted all you said and even almost agreed to collect money to collect info from all your ex’s who were being set up to call you out. Call me out. I don’t sleep with men of God or break up my friends relationships by stealing their deeks .
“Maybe you’re still suffering from the juju you said you got delivered from that Mercy Gave you to steal your destiny. You and I have arranged plenty press stunts from way back and please don’t forget you still owe me 200k for a PR stunt I did years back and you stopped talking to me because of that or was it because you slept with Elohor’s husband? Is this all you got? like really? I am done with you until you can do better. Note that none of your friends are liking your posts? Please take your medication. Note that because you are desperately sick and seeking who to drag down with u. This will be my last response until further notice. Let me keep quiet like Ini despite what you did to her that year.
“I am asking myself what I am doing exchanging words with someone who beat up her ex mum in law.
“If you got shots on me please fire!!! And to think u could not reply Blessing after she called u out over your pastor fvck waka. Tonto please leave me, Let me work don’t have a day job,I do. God!is not mocked pastor Tonto.
“Tonto Dikeh you say I am full of jealousy? Then why did u go behind Ini to snatch and sleep with her boyfriend after you saw how good it was and thought he would give you the money he gave her? You broke that relationship. Isn’t that jealousy? As for Bobrisky calling me out on your behalf. How and why should I respond to a man who has cardiac arrest of the blokos and now pretending to be a woman? I don’t know how to respond so I will ignore you Bob the one who is rejected in the gay community for being dirty and stinky down there.
“Tonto Charity Dikeh. Please whilst you go on with your lies note that I don’t go to Dubai to eat sheet with my best friend and I don’t post empty shopping bags carried from Nigeria.
“And I would never say someone I just had an Orgy with gifted me anything.
“No I would never do that. I am a facially challenged human being that acts like a pig. Do you remember what the 200k u are owing me was for? Me bitch?
“Oh yes! I agree you coprophilia being. I am coming back with the genesis of this alleged enmity you think I have with you.” (sic)
Tonto Dikeh has given Stella Dimoko, the blogger a savage reply. Stating that when she is waiting for her (Stella) to come up with receipts for her claims.
Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed to see how this drama unfolds.
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