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Friday, June 21, 2019

How Worrying Solved All My Problems - Kesiye Joel

Kesiye Joel

Read with open mind.

A friend in his statement told me that we on this side of the world are strong.
I enquired to know why he thinks so and he added that every Nigerian deserves an accolade as many people out their in the western world won't survive a day what we have survived for decades.

Are you as surprised as I was with these statements.
He started listing.

  1. Poor power supply.
  2. Unemployment.
  3. Over population.
  4. Dilapidated roads.
  5. poor environmental sanitation.
  6. Expensive yet ineffective school system
  7. Hungry and selfish politicians.
  8. High prices of products.

I have to stop here as he mentioned so many things at random.
Looking at the aforementioned, I have Fallen victim to few.
Life as a Nigerian Is life as a real strong human.


Being a Nigerian is already a tasking job, thus adding more stress filled task is nit in my agenda. When I am faced with difficult situations. I resort to one solution which has helped me so much.

If you wish to know what that meant, then look up and read the title of this post.
Strange right?

That is actually the wish of many persons
Most times we think that by worrying we can change things and make things work better.

Note: Worrying is a state of anxiety,inner trouble.
Worry has never solved a single problem and will never solve one.

When next you are faced with a difficult situation do this:

  • Understand the problem
  • Break down the problem.
  • share with close friend.
  • Give more time to believing that you can do all things.
  • Start creating the change you a3mare
  • Start work.

Worrying has never added a piece of block on any building. Instead ,worrying heaps
Many bricks on the soon to crash building.
You are wonderfully made.

God has an answer to every questions.
So drop it at his feet for he is capable of carrying it.

Quit Worrying!!!!!!

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