How To Create A Wordpress Website Like

Creating a WordPress site Is easy as long as you are able to follow the steps carefully and u will get your blog ready.

1. Goto any hosting site and sign up with ur email and den goto to your email account and Verify.

2. After Verification you will be taken back to your host now you will see CREATE ACCOUNT HERE click it and create an account will wil be your site name. After creation successfully, reload your browser then u will see SWITHCH click it.

3. Now you will be taken to the site you created Dashboard now scroll to where you see Mysql Database click it and you will see something like this e:g u123456789_ and a box close to it..just Put 5 letter words in the two box and put in the password you have been using before so you can be able to remember after that click CREATE.

Then Note the details down In a Piece of paper though a mail will be sent to you containing your details..Now your database Has been created successfully.

4.Now look for where You see Auto Installer Click it and you will see the WORDPRESS with the logo attached to it, just click it.
When it Opens Input your admin Username and password theen click Install Wordpress 3.3.1 after installation successfully some details would appear on your screen just note the details in a piece of paper and keep it safe. Though some host might send you the details.

5. Now get your wordpress theme

6. Now login to to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with the database you created, when the ftp site opens up- in the first box Ftp Server: just input your site name then in the username field input the database username you created in step 3 but without the name it will look like this u123456789 then input your database password in the password filled then scroll down and click connect.

7. When Login successfully you will see public_html click it  then it will open, you will see may things like

  •  wp-admin
  •  wp-content
  •  wp-includes
  •  wp-config.php 
  • wp-login.php  e.t.c just click the wp-content.Wfolder then scroll down to where you see upload and click, a page will open just select your Wordpress Theme file in .zip format and click send,when upload successfully click the / sign and you will see your file click the file and when it opens you will see extract just click and a box will open clear everything there and put /themes then you click execute..when successful check your site you will See another Design.

8.Here comes the real Point Of Making your site the way u want it..Every design you want you will edit it by entering theme then click the theme you uploaded inside that folder you will code anything you need to make the site beautiful.

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