Names Of Animals In Izon Language (Check It Out)


This Friday is very interesting with lots of articles and below is one you wouldn't love to miss!!!  Names of animal and their Izon name.

When we talk Izon, of course you know we talking about the Bayelsa people of Nigeria.

Today we are going to list some animals and their names in the Izon Language.

Check them out below:

Obiri means Dog

Obori means Goat

Asi means Sheep

Egere/Segi means Crocodile

Osi means snail

Okpoku/gbou means water snail

Ologbo means cat

Akanma means Honey bee

Konpei/pegi/poi means Bat

Abuko/Obugo means Monkey

Adaka means Lion

Ele means Gorilla

Kunuwei/Konowoi means Tiger

Abalabala means Butterfly

Erefunwaowei / ikagi/ iwiri means Tortoise

Otobo means Hippopotamus

Sibiri means Alligator

wari-tama  means wallgecko

angere------------ lizard

evin--------------- cow

bla---------------- elephant

edule------------- leopard

ofoni------------- fowl

odoguma------- duck fowl

wonii------------ snake

ogori------------ bufaloo

ogono ofoni----- bird

ubii-------------- watt hog(bushpig)

oporiopo------- pig

Hope you had a nice reading!!!

Do have a lovely Friday ahead from we all @Primebrains

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