Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I Just Graduated From 100 Level After 2 Years (Part 1)


I specially congratulate you for making it into the month of March

Come on Sweetie! can I ask you this very question being the first day in this month of March.

If Today Happens To Be Your Last Day On Earth, How Would You Spend Your Last 24 hours?

What shall be the list of things you gonna do before walking away?

What shall be your attitude toward the wall clock as today cock-out?

What shall be your confession throughout today?

What kind of feeling will you allow to wallow over your face?

Oh! lest I forget,
How's your week going? Pretty awesome, right?

You know it quite a longtime I talk to you via my art of writing. I'm very sorry to stop the flow of our communication, It wasn't intentional sincerely speaking. Alot of things actually transpired of which I will be sharing with you as we journey together in this month of March.

Toward the end of year 2015 i gain adminission to study Accountancy in Niger Delta University. But do you know that ever since then till last week Friday I have remain in 100Level without moving a step further to the next level.

What happen you may ask;
In university do pupils repeat class?

Well, in high institutions there is nothing like repeating a class, the worst thing that can happen to any student is to have an extra Year(s) or have some course(s) carryover.

But in my own case i didn't have an extra year neither do I have any courses carryover. What could have warrant your stay in 100L from year 2015 to 2017? You asked.

Hmmm! I can sense how curious you are right now to know what actually happened to me.

Here's is the full gist that warrant my stay in 100L from 2015 to 2017;

To be continued...


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Yours truely motivational,
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I value you!

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