PROPHETIC WORD FOR TODAY: (Daily devotional) - 11th Dec 2016

PROPHETIC WORD FOR TODAY: (Daily devotional)

By Apostle A.A Prince

11th December 2016

Most times d devil reminds you and shows you what God has not done.And if you allow such thought to overwhelm you,you might just b on your way of accusing God for been unfaithful to you. He has done much more than you could ever imagine. One of d signs of someone who is unfaithful is  that they are ungrateful.

Can you pulse and just think about one thing God has done in your life this yr. You are about to see d hand of God.God said I should tell you to first thank Him for His FINGER, THEN YOU WILL SEE HIS MIGHTY HAND.

When d devil reminds you of what God has not done please remind him of what God has done.the song writer said count your blessing and it will surprise you what God has done.Pls don't b cast down arise and say thank you Jesus, to d disappointment of d devil.

Read: Psalm.136:1-26 and 1Thessolonians.5:1-18.The Lord said as you appreciate Him from this day your life shall begin to appreciate.

( Keep a date with this prophetic word for today devotional every day and I see you with a daily testimony)

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