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Personality Of The Month

What is Primebrains personality of the month all about? 

The personality of the month scheme is a monthly scheme that showcase celebrities to the world. In this platform we expose new celebrities to the world by collecting their data which includes photos, personal biography and  personal data.

Here is a summary of what we do in this scheme:
  • We get your brand, business, personal biography 
  • We put it here on Live and we make it to visible to search engines like | | and much more.
  • We take it upon ourself to publicise you or your brand (be it business or any other brand) to he world.
  • We put your biography on our homepage for 1 Month though your biography remains forever on our database so you can check your biography anytime any day.

How do i become the next personality?

Send your biography including your photos (max 2) to our mail

Note:- No nude photo is allowed because we want decency, that makes you a celebrity

For more info use the comment box below to contact us or send a mail to

PB Team

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