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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Bayelsa: ASUU-NDU reacts to Medical University bill by BYHA

Following the Bills passed by the Bayelsa State house of assembly, which includes to set up a medical university in the state, the Academic staff union of universities, Niger Delta university chapter, reacts as follows:

MEMORANDUM SUBMITTED BY THE ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES, NIGER DELTA UNIVERSITY (ASUU NDU) ON THE PUBLIC HEARING ON THE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY BILL, 2018 ASUU NDU is grateful for the invitation extended by the House committees to the Union to attend this public hearing.

The Union is once again concerned by the need for Bayelsa State Government to establish another university just two years after she established the University of Africa, Toru Orua, which is still struggling to find her feet.

There are some questions begging for answers:

1. What is the rational in establishing another university, when the Bayelsa State Government has consistently claimed funding tertiary institutions in the state is not sustainable?

2. What is the rational in giving the 500-bed hospital to a new university, when ASUU NDU had consistently requested that it should be given to NDU as its teaching hospital, considering the infrastructural deficit of NDU?

3. How does Bayelsa State Government hope to fund the University? Is it through the same subvention policy? Does the State Government know that medical student’s INTAKE is regulated by several academic and professional bodies, such as National University Commission (NUC), Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria or Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria? And therefore, the Medical University cannot generate sufficient funds to sustain itself.

4. Does the State Government consider the cost implication of training a medical student?

5. If the Medical University will be a fee paying university, how many Bayelsans can afford it? How many of those Bayelsans that have the capacity will be willing to send their wards to the University, with the available universities around?

6. Where does the University hope to get the academic staff to man the various programmes, when, even the College of Health Sciences in NDU is struggling to fill vacancies and the ones available are mostly non Bayelsans? Is the State Government planning to establish another institution for non-Bayelsans, when there are many jobless Bayelsans roaming the streets of Yenagoa?

7. Has the State Government considered the new regulations of NUC on the engagement of adjunct lecturers in universities?

8. Can’t the Government achieve the vision and mission of this proposed Medical University in NDU?

9. Has the State Government considered the cost implications of having three Vice Chancellors, three Registrars and other Principal Officers? And how does the State Government justify it, given the new subvention policy and the on-going reforms in the State?

10. Going by the recent developments, in which the Federal University, Otuoke is about setting up a medical programme and has almost secured approval to use Federal Medical Centre as its teaching hospital, what is the guarantee that the Medical University will be able to compete with NDU and Federal University, Otuoke?

We plead that reason should prevail. The Bayelsa State Medical University is NOT NEEDED. IT IS A WASTE OF RESOURCES.

The State Government should concentrate its efforts and scarce resources in developing the existing tertiary institutions in the State. This is against the limited life span of the present administration. This period is too short for the government to execute such a project.

If the State Government insists on going on with this university, which we advise against, we suggest that the Medical University should be made up of the College of Health Sciences in NDU, the School of Nursing, Tombia and the Bayelsa State College of Health Technology, Otuogidi.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Stanley Ogoun

Dr. Tonbara’ Kingdom

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