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Monday, May 14, 2018

INEC should save PDP victory across Kaduna State and  Nigeria at large - PDP Loyal Group Calls

INEC should save PDP victory across Kaduna State and  Nigeria at large to justify the huge confidence we repose in the commission in Nigeria: PDP LOYAL GROUP100% Calls.

Fellow Nigerian Patriots and Lovers of Democracy in Nigeria, after due considerations of reports received across Kaduna State during today's LGA general elections for chairmen and councilors conducted by Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission, we call on you to rise up and defend the mandate of PDP candidates else Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State has finished plans  to rig the elections and direct Electoral officers to  announce APC Candidates who were defeated by PDP candidates at the polls using his position as Governor and Chief security officer of Kaduna State.

Today's LGA general election conducted in Kaduna State by Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission is key to many trained observers across Nigeria including ours who loves democracy.

It's on this basis that the reports gathered through our trained observers who are currently in every nook and cranny of Kaduna State monitoring every move by Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai, APC Stalwarts and Electoral commission can't be undermined at all but must be published sooner than later if Governor El-Rufai and his loyalists decides to announce APC defeated candidates as winners where PDP candidates won today.

It may interest every well meaning Nigerian and INEC to NOTE that; in every gathering of 10 APC loyalists currently in Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular, we (PDP LOYAL GROUP100%) have three trained observers and 100% PDP loyalists serving as confidential agents in APC ranging from polling units across Nigeria to the Presidency of APC led Federal Government.

Be informed now if you (APC sympathisers) don't know before now.

We are watching what APC loyalists are currently doing in Kaduna State as they are influencing Electoral officers to rig PDP candidates after their due elections by Kaduna State electorates to serve them inline with Democratic tenets and to maintain peace and order at the grassroots across Kaduna State as LGA Chairmen and Councillors.

It may interest Governor El-Rufai to note that if he or any of his loyalists distort any result in favour of PDP Candidate and finally announce as he has finish plans to do soon unfortunately, we are prepared to release all videos, communications and other relevant documents justifying his finished plans to turn down the mandate of Kaduna State grassroot mandate as was duly given to PDP candidates at the polling units in PDP strongholds across Kaduna State today.

We therefore, call on INEC to call the attention of Kaduna State Electoral officers to resist any attempt by Kaduna State Governor to manipulate PDP candidates' results to favour APC defeated candidates where necessary in accordance with the rule of law and the laws that established electoral commission in Nigeria.

Finally, our intelligent loyalists and trained observers across Kaduna State and Nigeria at large are prepared to defend our results in accordance with the constitution of Nigeria before, during and after 2019 presidential and other elections with verifiable evidence beginning from this very LGA general election in Kaduna State if Governor El-Rufai and his cohorts proceed to announce APC defeated candidates as winners in those areas they are fully aware that PDP candidates won the elections today.

We are calling on all and sundry in Nigeria both at home and in the Diaspora to be witness to what's happening currently in Kaduna State and what will follow after the final announcement of PDP candidates as losers in any Council Ward and LGA where PDP candidates won at the polling units today.

INEC, should save its integrity in Kaduna State now and justify the confidence we repose in the commission to conduct free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria by acting now and fast to save Kaduna State electorates' mandate as was given to PDP candidates for chairmanship and councillorship public offices respectively.

We are going to release our analysed and statistical press statement which will also serve as verifiable evidence for due litigation if the need arise sooner than later after any fake result is announce by Kaduna State Governor through Kaduna State electoral commission.

"We are watching and are prepared to defend our mandates using all legitimate means within the ambit of PDP constitution and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria."

Enough is enough for APC loyalists across Nigeria.

Dennis Shima (JP)
National Coordinator of PDP LOYAL GROUP100%, Office of the PDP National Chairman, Abuja, Nigeria.

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