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Friday, April 13, 2018

Suspect Arrested Over Niger Delta University BLS 400 Level Student S*x Scandal (Photos)

A young man name given as Nonso has been apprehended by members of the Nigerian Police Force Delta state over a sex scandal case of one Blessing Akobiri, an undergraduate of Biological sciences in the Niger Delta university.

Blessing And Nonso

According to the information provided to us by the Man'Owar Formal Commander Aliu Shittu weyintombra, the victim Akobiri Blessing was robbed on Saturday 7th April 2018 at Coca cola junction in Asaba Delta state by some unknown gun men.

Few days later , the suspect began to impersonate as blessing using her phone to chat with girls of her department telling them to go and have sex with his white man accomplice who was identified as Fredrick Rollins for #100,000.

Frederick Rollins (the white man)

The culprit Nonso succeeded in chatting with many of her department girls whom disagreed with the deal,  one of the student whose name was given as Joy was insulted upon not agreeing to the deal of going to have s*x with the white man in question Fredrick Rollins.

Joy later exposed the chat on her departmental whatsApp group chat which led to chaos in the school now.

He also chatted with former NDU Rap queen Mandy who is a friend to the blessing, Mandy told blessing upon hearing it and Mandy was used as a bait to catch the suspect.

Mandy and Blessing the victims accompanied the man o war formal commander to Asaba in Delta state to arrest the suspect.


At about 9:15 pm yesterday the suspect Nonso was arrested at Asaba Delta state and the phone was retrieved from him.  

The apprehended suspect Nonso

Meanwhile the school authority have been notified of the issue at hand as report has been made to the security department of the NDU varsity.

Students who were involved will be called on phone to appear before the security panel, the security department has told those involved not to be scared of anything that they just want to make sure the case is resolved and blessing name & pride will be safe in the varsity.

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